Best Sanitizers Smart-San Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle


Smart-San Hand Sanitizer Spray kills 99.9999% of 26 tested pathogens in 15 seconds; an extreme “6 log” kill claim that is rarely found! The typical claim is a 99.9% “3 log” germ kill, indicating that out of a million germs there will still be 1,000 germs left alive after the application. Smart-San’s “6 log” kill claim reduces the germ count from a million to only 1 germ; virtually a total annihilation of disease causing germs in one simple application.


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Product Description

FDA approved as a no-rinse product, there is no place Smart-San can’t go, including sensitive food service environments. The personal sized 2 oz. finger pump bottle fits nicely into your pocket, purse, desk drawer or the glove compartment of your car so it is conveniently available wherever you are.


Smart-San dispenses in an atomized spray, ensuring total saturation of the most critical parts of the hands where germs hide – the nails, cuticles, creases and crevices of the fingers and hands. Great for frequent use because it leaves no sticky residue and has emollients to help soften the skin.



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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 5 in



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