Spartan Graffiti Remover SAC


Graffiti Remover SAC is a versatile formula that works against tough marks and stains. The formula is powerful enough to remove typical graffiti markings: paint, marker, ink, crayon and pencil. It will also take away scuff marks, wax residue and adhesive with ease.



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Graffiti Remover SAC also cleans the soiled surface marred by graffiti, eliminating the need for a second cleaning step. When removing marks from stainless steel, Graffiti Remover SAC does an outstanding job cleaning and polishing the surface.


Graffiti Remover SAC is a ready-to-use bio-based solvent, which is naturally derived from agricultural ingredients. A combination of soybean and corn esters, this efficient solvent blend helps to replace hazardous, toxic and environmentally harmful products in the workplace. A safer solvent alternative to petroleum based solvents. Graffiti Remover SAC is translucent yellow in color and has a non-offensive odor.



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